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Activities Review

"Let Them Shine" Launching Ceremony cum Exhibition

  • Date : 2 June 2009
    Venue : G/F., Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

To promote public understanding and acceptance of the products and services provided by persons with disabilities as well as providing them with equal work opportunities, the Marketing Consultancy Office (Rehabilitation) of Social Welfare Department invited the renowned creative singer Ms Gigi Leung as SEPD Ambassador. To encourage persons with disabilities to make the most of their talents, Ms Gigi LEUNG and famous lyricist Mr CHAN Siu Kei joined hands to compose a "Let Them Shine" theme song in praise of the perseverance and creativity of persons with disabilities.

The "Let Them Shine" Launching Ceremony cum Exhibition was held on 2 June 2009 at G/F., Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay. The event included appointment of SEPD Ambassador to Ms Gigi Leung, launch of the SEPD song "Let Them Shine" and announcement of "LET THEM SHINE" In Action and "LET THEM SHINE" T-shirt Design Competition.

Officiating at the ceremony were the Assistant Director of Social Welfare (Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services), Mrs Cecilia Yuen, Chairman of Advisory Committee on Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities, Mr Elton Yeung Chi-hang, Chairman of Support the Employment of People with Disabilities Limited, Mr Ivan Ho Shiu-cheong and SEPD Ambassador, Ms Gigi Leung.

Performance included singing of the theme song "Let Them Shine", drawing, fashion show, etc. by representatives of various non-government organisations.

To demonstrate the creativity of persons with disabilities, an exhibition was held for 5 days to showcase their artworks. With great perseverance, persons with disabilities overcame an array of mental and physical limitations arising from their disabilities. The unique and innovative artworks displayed in this exhibition, including Mosaic, Ink and Wash Painting, Parchment Craft, Clay Handicraft, Pottery etc., were convincing proof that persons with disabilities were full of creativity and were highly sensitive to customer needs as well as market opportunities.

  • 5 days exhibition
  • Let Them Shine Launching Ceremony cum Exhibition
  • Showcase the creativities of persons with disabilities
  • Dsiplayed the unique & innovative artworks produced by persons with disabilities
  • The artworks of person with disabilities

Exhibit details

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