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Activities Review

Let Them Shine Gala 2010

  • Date: 10 - 14 November, 2010
    Venue: Shatin Town Hall Plaza, 1 Yuen Wo Road, Shatin

Let Them Shine Gala, organised by the Marketing Consultancy Office (Rehabilitation), is an annual territory-wide publicity event to promote public understanding and acceptance of the diversities of abilities of persons with disabilities by demonstrating their services and products so as to provide them with equal work opportunities to facilitate their integration into the community.

The Kick-off Ceremony of Let Them Shine Gala 2010 was held on 10 November, 2010 at 4:00p.m. Officiating at the ceremony were The Director of Social Welfare, Mr Patrick Nip, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities, Mr Elton Yeung Chi-hang, and The Support the Employment of People with Disabilities Limited (SEPD) Chairman, Mr Ivan Ho Shiu-cheong.

During the ceremony, Mr Nip presented trophies to Let Them Shine Partner, including Quiksilver, The Star Ferry Companies Ltd and Optative Company Ltd. that have been supportive to the marketing activities of the Marketing Consultancy Office (Rehabilitation) of the Social Welfare Department in promoting the work opportunities of persons with disabilities.

Awards were presented to the winners of the Let Them Shine Logo Design Competition open for persons with disabilities held in August 2010. The Competition aimed at arousing public awareness of the creativity and talents of persons with disabilities in different work fields so that more work opportunities can be made available to them.

Artiste Miss Jade Kwan staged a performance with some persons with disabilities at the ceremony. Exhibition booths and promotional sales to showcase the services and products of persons with disabilities were set up to from Nov 10 - 14, 2010 to demonstrate the abilities of persons with disabilities.