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Activities Review

10th Anniversary of "Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities Through Small Enterprise" (3E) Project

A forum was held to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 3E's Project founded by Social Welfare Department and a booklet was published.

Panel members were invited to share with the public about the history of the Project, the successful factors and management skills in running small enterprises at the Forum. New guideline of the Projects was also introduced. NGOs enjoyed sharing their practical experience and challenges of operating small enterprises at arousing public awareness on the working capability of persons with disabilities.

The Director of Social Welfare Department Mr Patrick Nip Tak Kuen, JP officiated at the Forum on 5th December 2011 at Lecture Theatre, Hong Kong Central Library. Panel members including Mr. Herman Hui BBS MH JP, Mr Elton Yeung, Ms Deborah Wan BBS JP, Mr Ivan Ho, Mr Tony Wong and Mr Alvin Miu were invited to share with public abut the development of 3E project, experience and tips for running sustainable social enterprise and the future outlook. Mrs Cecilia Yuen, Assistant Director of Social Welfare (Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services) introduced the new guideline of the Project and welcomed NGOs to apply.

Ms Sania Yau, CEO of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and Ms Christina Kan, Superintendent of TWGHs Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex shared the hardship and happiness of running small enterprises with the audience. A more personal touch in letting public learn the business, working environment, positive changes experienced by the disabled staff in small enterprises was adopted in the Forum.