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"Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise Project"

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to apply?

    Only bona-fide charitable non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which have their own distinct legal entities authorized to carry out business activities in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with tax-exempted status under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112) can apply the funding. They may or may not be receiving subventions from the Social Welfare Department (SWD). For NGOs not receiving subventions from SWD, they have to be actively engaged in welfare and charitable activities for at least 2 years before the submission of applications.

  2. Is there any restriction on the business nature?

    The business to be applied should be legal under HKSAR jurisdiction and at least 50% of the total number of employees on the pay-roll for the business is persons with disabilities. The business should be operationally viable and financially self-sustainable after three years' operation.

  3. Can NGOs apply the funding with other collaboration parties?

    Only NGOs with tax-exempted status under Section 88 could be the applicant for the funding and any profits derived should be used for the creation of more employment opportunities and improvement of the working conditions for persons with disabilities or other charitable purposes as approved by the SWD.

  4. Can NGOs apply funding in support of a business having commenced operation?

    The funding is to support the creation of new business through providing financial assistance in meeting initial capital cost and operation loss for a maximum of 3 years. Business in operation is not eligible to apply.

  5. Is there any timeline in submitting the application?

    NGOs can submit the application to Project Secretariat all the year round. The Project Secretariat, including the Marketing Consultancy Office (Rehabilitation) staff, will conduct preliminary screening and may seek clarification or supplementary information. A Project Assessment Panels will consider the proposal and formulate their recommendations on the applications.

  6. Is there any funding limit?

    The maximum amount of a grant is HK$3 million per Business. Applications for supplementary grant will normally not be considered.

  7. How will the approved funding be disbursed?

    Under normal circumstances, grant for the capital expenditure will be made on reimbursement basis and running costs will be paid at the intervals as agreed by Director of Social Welfare. Disbursement of the grant in general will be based on specific milestones in the development of the Business, taking account of circumstances of individual cases.