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"Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise Project"



The objective of the Project is to enhance the employment of persons with disabilities through market-driven approach and direct creation of more work opportunities for Persons with Disabilities. Through the payment of grants as seed money to NGOs, the Project supports the creation of small enterprises/ businesses, (the "Business" which expression shall, as the context may permit, include the proposed business before the grant, the business approved for the grant and the business created or carried on with the grant) to ensure people with disabilities can enjoy genuine employment in a carefully planned and sympathetic working environment.

Guiding principle

To achieve the above objective, the number of employees with disabilities should not be less than 50% of the total number of persons on the pay-roll for the Business. For the employees, a proper employer-employee relationship such as the entitlement to the normal employment benefits as defined under the Employment Ordinance etc. is expected. For the purpose of calculating the percentage under this paragraph, in case if there is any consultant or other similar person who receives any consultancy or management fee from the Business, the consultant or the person himself and all his/its employees shall be deemed to be persons on the pay-roll of the Business.

Who are eligible to apply

The grants from the Project are open for application by bona-fide charitable NGOs which have their own distinct legal entities authorized to carry out business activities in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. These NGOs must have tax-exempted status under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112). They may or may not be receiving subventions from the Social Welfare Department. For NGOs not receiving subventions from the Social Welfare Department, documentary proof of their having tax-exempted status under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112) to the satisfaction of the Director of Social Welfare and to substantiate their having actively engaged in welfare and charitable activities for at least two years before the submission of the applications have to be submitted with the applications. The applicant NGO may create and conduct the Business in its own name or by way of a wholly-owned subsidiary incorporated for this specific purpose. In the latter case, documentary proof of the relationship between the applicant NGO and the wholly-owned subsidiary has to be submitted with the application. In any event, separate books and accounts of the Business are required to be kept.

Form of funding support

Funding support is given in the form of a non-recurrent grant to the grantee to assist them to pay the necessary set-up cost in respect of equipment, fitting-out works, etc. and / or the operating loss for the initial period up to three years. The level of support will be determined by the Assessment Panel with reference to the applicant's projections submitted in accordance with para. 3.3.4 and any other factors deemed appropriate. The maximum amount of a grant is $3 million per application. Supplementary grant will normally not be considered.

Guide to Application and Application Form:

Please visit Social Welfare Department website.

Details of social enterprises in operation (as at 31.03.2018) can be downloaded below :

Social Enterprise 2017