3E Project
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Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Enterprise Vegetable & Fruit Processing and Supply Service

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

We "Prepare" to Help

We help saving time and hassle for catering enterprises in food preparation.
We also help people with disabilities to become self-reliant by providing training and working opportunities.

  • Sorting vegetable
  • Cutting vegetable
  • Slicing vegetable
  • We bulk purchase direct from farms and wholesaler fruit and vegetables thereafter handle necessary processing that serve client needs
  • Processing service includes but not limit to sort, wash, peel, slice, cut the require vegetables and fruit.
  • We start to operate and process the food before dawn everyday to ensure its freshness and timely delivery
  • We provide highly efficient and reliable services with experience of processing over 4300 catty of vegetables and over 1.5 tons of fruit every day
  • Our service entrusted by a number of public organizations and commercial caterers