3E Project
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Tea Box

Tea Box

Stewards Limited

A Thoughtful School Catering Partner

We are more than a tuck shop operator. We commit to nurture "Health and Mind".

  • Students buying snack
  • tuck shop outlook
  • Taste to Health
    • Varieties of snacks, sandwiches, drinks, lunch/tea sets; cater for students and teachers appetite plus consideration of nutrients advice from dietician
    • Strict on hygienic procedures
  • Interact to Learn
    • Support "Life Education" to foster students knowing mind and positive judgment
      • Promote environment protection in daily operation and set example of not using disposable items
      • Assist coordinate school programs like speech training course, musical event, gardening, book fair and seminar etc
      • Organize activities that enable student to communicate with disabled people and facilitate social inclusion
  • Experience to Growth
    • We operate in Ma Koi Pan Memorial College