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Let Them Shine Series

Let Them Shine Delicacies

Let Them Shine Delicacies

Rehabilitation agencies have been developing food and catering services which provide a training platform or direct employment for persons with disabilities and their products and service reflect the work abilities of persons with disabilities.

The booklet introduced wide range of products including bakery products, Western and Asian desserts, organic soya drink, health snacks, catering services and etc. You can savor tempting light meals to party food with your families, business partners and staff.

Bakery workshops not only specialize in mouth-watering handmade cookies, pastries and breads with healthy ingredients but also festive food with exquisite packaging for special occasions. All natural and healthy recipes are full of inspiration.

Please support work opportunities of Person with Disabilities by ordering their tailor-made food and catering services. For details, please refer to the booklet or contact our office at 2835 1933.

To get the most updated information, please click the following link: